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The story behind tinapoelzl design started very early in my life. My mother used to make clothes for my sister and me when we were kids. I didn’t enjoy wearing the same outfit as my three years younger sister at all. We always looked like twins. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough money and I had to find a way to differentiate myself from first my sister and then my classmates. Growing up in Austria, there are no school uniforms and despite the lack of money, my parents still sent me to a posh private school. There I felt as an outsider and thanks to that I found a way in creating my own look and personality over the years. For example, I started wearing my dad’s neckties as belts, I painted my t-shirts and wrote messages on them, cut cardigans and jeans shorter. There it was, the 90s look and all without even having a peek into fashion magazines.

I always try to use whatever I already have to create a new look that reflects personality. 

My absolute passion in Refashion is in transforming Men Clothing into gorgeous Fashion & Accessories for Women and Girls. I’m also very proud of my collection of over 300 vintage neckties.

Don’t you have memories that are just collecting dust or are close to be thrown out as they don’t serve any purpose? DON’T! Let’s treasure those memories and make something beautiful out of them.

Let’s make #WearableMemories

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In case you wonder where I’m based, I have my workshop in Telford, Shropshire, UK.