Baby Carrier Blanket

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DIY Tutorial on How to make a Baby CarSeat Blanket (Decke für Babyschale Anleitung)

It’s autumn and the baby is to be born in a few weeks. That means by the time we bring him back home it will be cold and although I do have a snowsuit already, I don’t really want to pack and unpack the newborn every time we go outside. I’d rather be able to take the baby out of the car and then of the seat without disturbing him while he is asleep.

Therefore, I made a travel set consisting of a baby carrier blanket, a warm bandana bib and a hat. I also made a matching “Mutter-Kind-Pass Hülle”. For those not from Austria or Germany that won’t make sense but the Mutter-Kind-Pass is a pocket-calendar sized book that you carry with you from beginning of pregnancy until your child is 5 years old. Every doctor’s appointment and everything related to the baby is noted in there. I will make another post soon, showing how I made this cover.

But now back to the blanket. I wanted to use fabrics I already had at home, so I was a bit size limited but I made it work. If you buy your fabrics for this project, you for sure can make the blanket bigger if you want to.

Here is what you need:

  • fleece fabric 95x95cm (I used a mud coloured fleece)
  • cotton fabric (machine washed before you cut it) 95x95cm
  • bias binding about 4.5m (tutorial on how to make your own: )
  • threads in the matching colours

First you cut both fabric squares about 95x95cm. Take the fleece fabric first and fold it into a triangle, then fold it again twice, always corners together. Measure out the 38 and 57cm and cut the shape shown on the picture, make sure to cut the shorter edge on the side where you can only see one big fold. Unfold the fleece once, then fold the cotton fabric into a triangle twice and place the shaped fleece onto the cotton. Cut along the shape of the fleece. When you cut the cotton fabric, keep in mind that the fleece stretches, so don’t cut the cotton fabric too small.

Unfold both fabrics and place wrong sides together. If you want, you can sew the two fabrics along the edges together, so they won’t move anymore when you add the bias tape. I did not do that. I just put the bias tape around the edge and sew everything together at once. I didn’t even pinned it all the way around. Unfortunately, I had to redo half the seams another time as the seam on the bottom wasn’t always on the bias tape. But that wasn’t too much work.


Alternatively to the bias tape you can put the two fabrics right side together, sew along the edges with a straight stitch, leave about 15cm open, turn the blanket inside out, so the right sides are on the outside now, iron and sew along the edge on the right side again, closing the opening at the same time. This way you have a nice edge as well but don’t need a bias tape.

See tutorial from someone else:


Now you have the blanket but you can’t use it in a baby carrier (“Babyschale” like the one from Maxi Cosi, Graco or Britax Römer).


Now take your blanket and a piece of chalk and measure out and mark all the required cutouts (yellow and blue/green). If you ask yourself now, why I have two different yellow lines, this is because in my baby car seat (and I think that is the case in almost all of the baby car seats) you can change the seat belt’s hight.


Please note, I made this blanket for the Graco baby carrier specifically, so please check measurements with your own car seat after you have drawn them onto the blanket and before you begin sewing.


As you can see at the pictures, I sew around the marks like you would do for a button hole. I used a very narrow and tight zigzag stitch and had about 3-4mm between the stitches, so I could easily cut them.


I hope this was enough explanation and you have fun making this blanket. I will soon post the warm Baby Bandana Bib & Baby Hat Combo Tutorial,   as well as the Tutorial for the “Mutter-Kind-Pass Hülle” which can also be used as a cover for a pocket calendar. So keep in touch!

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All the Best, Tina