Bag from Vinyl Floor


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Tutorial for a handbag or Storage Box from upcycled vinyl flooring

Do you have any left-over vinyl flooring after redoing your floors? Or maybe you are as lucky as me and get a bunch of flooring samples from a local trader? Here is what you can do with it.

I came up with this bag after I received hundreds of samples and wanted to find something to do with them. On pinterest there was nothing I was even slightly interested in making. Furthermore, I wanted it to be something useful but easy to make so I could make it with kids at the local craft sessions.

So the first idea was a handbag.

What you need for the bag:

  • vinyl flooring piece about 39cm (15 1/2 inch) square
  • handbag: 3.6 m (146 inch) long ribbon 15-18 mm (about 3/4 inch) wide    OR       storage box (no handle): 1.6 to 2.4 m (64 – 95 inch) long ribbon depending on width. 4x 40cm for 7mm width ribbon, 4x60cm for 15-18mm width.
  • hot glue gun, measuring tape and long ruler, scissors or craft cutter
  • revolving leather punch (you get them online from about £4)
  • 1 pair of CAM Snaps & Pliers (not necessary if you don’t have them)
  1. The first step is to make a  straight line from one corner to the opposite corner. This is the guide line for measurements.
  2. Measure (on the first line) 13cm in from each corner and make perpendicular line (90 degree angle to the first one)
  3. Make 2 parallel lines 5.5cm to each side of the first drawn line
  4. That gives you 4 triangles that have to be cut out


Below you can see my first trial run, which was not as neat with the drawings.

5. Make biggest possible holes with the leather punch that 5mm from the edge and are 1cm apart. (which makes it about 1.5cm from middle to middle of the hole). To get the holes on the same spot of the other side of the triangle, just fold both sides together and mark the middle with a pen.

6. Cut off the big corner for a storage box or cut out the handle – see on template

7. you need to cut 6 pieces of ribbon about 60cm long: 4 for the side seams and 2 for the handles

8. to get the ribbon through the holes, either use a ribbon needle or put sellotape tight around the end and push a pin through.

9. Start at the top of the bag at each side seam and go with the ribbon through both holes. Leave about 15cm standing out so you can make a bow afterwards.  when you are at the bottom, go through the holes always from the opposite side until you are back up.

If you make a storage box, you are done now. For a handbag you still need to cover the handle with ribbons.

Therefore, use the hot glue on the inside of the bag only. Always squeeze a bit on and wrap the ribbon around it, always overlapping the last layer a bit.

I did use Cam Snaps to be able to close the bag, this is not necessary if you don’t have them. But in my opinion it is a very good investment if you do a lot of crafts and sewing. I have them in all kinds of colours and use them for a lot of my projects. You can get over 300 Cam Snaps with the pliers for under £20 on the internet.

Hope you liked this tutorial and I explained every step good enough. I will do a free workshop on this bag tomorrow at an Upcycling event and my daughter’s school wants to try it too.

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All the Best, Tina