Upcycled Knit Jewelry

Jewelry made of Upcycled Knit Fabric

Look at upcycling designs by tinapoelzl!

You have never worn a softer or smoother piece of jewelry than this. Don’t be surprised if you start feeling affection for your tinapoelzl knit necklace as if it was your favourite pet.
The premium quality knits have been produced in Vienna/Austria and I safed them from being discarted after the company stopped its production.

So, what is upcycling then?
Upcycling is to reuse discarted materials or objects in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.
Okay, that’s the definition but what does Upcycling mean for all of us?
Upcycling offers us the opportunity to give unwanted things a second chance by repurposing and adding value because the finished product will most likely be more useful, practical and beautiful than the original (waste). You see, upcycling is a very good thing to do and has a lot of great side effects, like turning us into creative thinkers and reducing our (carbon) footprints.

Just let me know your favourite colours and I will design a knit necklace, bracelet and earrings reflecting your personality.

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Dieser Strickschmuck von tinapoelzl design ist einfach ANSCHMIEGSAM wie eine Katze!
Die hochwertigen Strickstoffe für diesen einzigartigen Strickschmuck wurden in Wien hergestellt und nach der Auflösung der Firma Beckmann Maschenmode von mir übernommen.