Bias Tape DIY

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How to make your own Bias Tape – even a continuous strip of Bias Tape

✂️ I found a really easy way to make a continuous strip of bias tape from a square piece of fabric that I wanted to share with you. ✂️ I use bias tape a lot for my refashion projects, especially for everything that has curves (e.g. necklines).

Very often I use the sleeves or the back of an old man’s shirt but you can use any left over fabric or remnants that are at least 25cm (10 inch) square.

I had a 50cm square piece and got over 6m of bias tape out of it. I won’t do much explaining here, as I also posted the link to the original tutorial (the one I used to make my bias tape) below.

If you only need short strips of Bias Tape (e.g. for armholes) then you won’t need a long continuous strip. You can just cut any fabric in the bias.

Also very useful are the “Bias Tape Makers” (just google it) – with these little tools also the ironing of the Bias Binding is a piece of cake. You get the perfect width every time! (the stripy bias strip I made from an old man’s shirt)


✂️And if you are new to sewing, here is a blog post about what a bias tape is and why it is so useful: (and all the necessary other explanations)…/bias-tape-what-is-it-how-to-…

✂️Here you can find the tutorial that I used:…

Happy Cutting ✂️ ✂️✂️✂️

And here is another post on how to sew with bias tape:

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