Maternity dress from skirt

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Maternity dress from oversized skirt

That’s an easy refashion, although  depending on the material, the dress might only fits in the first and second trimester. As there is no extra fabric added for the growing bump, it depends on the elasticity of the fabric to fit further into pregnancy.

So what I got was a skirt about 2-3 sizes bigger than my regular size. The skirt itself should have some elasticity – this comes either from a stretchy fabric or if the skirt pieces were cut in the bias which makes every fabric at least a bit stretchy. The lighter dress in the picture was made with a skirt without any elasticity and a zipper on the side. Hence, I could only wear it the first few month.

For a very easy refashion, the waistband should have an elastic band, so you can easily pull it over your shoulders.

The dark skirt was perfect for this type of refashion in every point.

  • stretchy material & bias cut
  • elastic waistband
  • long enough to work as a dress

Now you only have to put the skirt up over your chest and see where your waist is so you can add two darts in the back and narrow the waist to have a better fit there. The darts should start at the shoulder blades (in this case on top just under the elastic)  and get wider until you hit your waistline, then they get smaller again to run out a bit above the hips. You can see this in the picture below where I put my back dress pattern on top of the skirt.

You wear the dress with a t-shirt underneath (to hide your bra straps) and a belt above your bump. That will give you a new waistline and therefore the perfect curves.

The pink belt I use is made from an old necktie and here is how I made this perfect maternity belt:

Blog post Upcycled Necktie Belt

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perfect belt

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Upcycle Necktie Belt with exchangeable elastic – perfect maternity and children’s belt


I have a REALLY BIG collection of neckties, as they are one of my favorite upcycling material and I started gathering them when I was still in school.

The original idea for this belt was to create a kids belt that grows with them as you can exchange the elastic. When my daughter was just 3 years old, she tried to wear belts all the time but because her belly was wider than her hips, they would always slip down. The other problem she had was dealing with the buckle… an impossible task for little people.

So I made her a belt from a necktie with an elastic band in the back and snaps to close. GREAT!

When I got pregnant I quickly realized that my regular (non-elastic) belts felt either too loose or too tight, depending on the time of the day and the activity I just did. I tried one of my daughter’s belts – just used a much longer elastic band in the back – and VOILÀ – my problems were gone. Perfect maternity belt!!

I made a few more belts, this time a bit longer, to fit my growing waist.

What you need:

– Old necktie

– Sewing needle and thread in colour of necktie

– 4 Kam snaps (I tell you, it’s worth investing in a few of those – you can use them for so many things!!)

– elastic band as wide as the necktie

What you have to do:

  • measure how long you need the belt. I made the length about 10cm shorter than my pre-pregnancy waist, so I can still use the belts when I’m –hopefully- back to my old self. But whatever you measure, deduct 15cm of that measurement. That’s how long you want the necktie part of the belt
  • cut the necktie in the measured length.
  • Cut off about 4 cm of the lining of the necktie and then fold over the edges and sew it shut.
  • Cut the desired length + 6cm of the elastic band, burn the edges with a lighter or candle, turn over 3 cm on each side and put the snaps in.

Soooo… What do you think?

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All the Best, Tina

What clothes do you already have to use during pregnancy

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What from your wardrobe can function as maternity clothes?

It only took 10 weeks of pregnancy and I had to start packing my regular clothes away. We didn’t even announce that I was expecting, yet, but already 50% of my wardrobe was useless. My regular size is 6-8 UK (34/36 EU) and I my style is “fitted” dresses, pretty much all of them tight around the waist. Therefore, the first box was packed with all my dresses at only 10 weeks. By week 14 I had 3 boxes packed to put into the loft, as I wouldn’t be able to wear any of it for a long, long time. And by the time these clothes fit again we would have moved to Austria again, so why not already pack them away ready for moving.

You might wonder if my pregnancy might last longer than the 40 weeks and I can assure you that it will not. But I remember my last pregnancy and the 8 months of breastfeeding afterwards and the fact that I won’t be able to wear any dress with a zip in the back for exactly that amount of time. It also took me about 6 months after giving birth to get my small waist back. I have no idea how some of those celebrity mums like Kate Middleton do it. Just 8 weeks after the baby was born and she is back to her slim self, not a trace of a belly left.

Anyway, not even half way through pregnancy and I was standing in front of an almost empty wardrobe. In my case that meant I had about 80 pieces of clothing left. That might sound a lot to you, but for someone who is used to not wear the same piece more than twice a year, this is horrible. Especially when the ratio is 7:1 for tops to bottoms (tops were mostly cardigans) and only 5 dresses left in the whole count.


But the good news, most of the tops would last me throughout the whole pregnancy. So here is what I can recommend to look for in your wardrobe that will fit at least during the first few months of pregnancy:


  • Stretchy materials – shirts, skirts and dresses that are made of stretchy materials will fit over your bump but… they also have to be long enough.
  • A- line dresses and tops – these garments are not fitted in the waist and therefore hide your bump.
  • Thin, stretchy belts – to fit between your boobs and your belly, so even really wide clothes give you some shape.
  • Long cardigans
  • Blazer and jackets


For inspiration have a look on websites for maternity clothing and just see if you have something similar in your wardrobe.



And as soon as you have found the maternity appropriate pieces in your wardrobe, see what you are missing and hit the charity and second hand shops.

Here are some more articles I found about that topic:

Trendy Maternity Clothes for Fall

How to Wear Non-Maternity Clothes While Pregnant

Gorgeous Summer Pregnancy Clothing Ideas for You

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All the Best, Tina

Shopping guide for second hand maternity wear

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Where to go for inexpensive but still stylish clothes during pregnancy – and all on a budget

Shopping guide for Second Hand Maternity Wear

First you need to find out what you have in your wardrobe that fits even during pregnancy. Then there are a few things that you need to buy, no matter what. And in my opinion those things are better new than used. This includes at least one maternity bra and in my case some maternity tights. Tights are only necessary if you expect in the colder months of the year and prefer wearing dresses and skirts instead of trousers.

Another tip from my side, don’t buy a nursing bra too soon. Most women’s breasts keep growing during the pregnancy and the bra might not fit anymore by the time the milk arrives. I speak from experience here. By 24 weeks pregnant I had to buy a bra size 34DD while my pre-pregnancy size was 34C… No idea what size I will need by the time I start nursing. Therefore, my advice, buy a nursing bra just before you give birth and have a trained person help you choose the size. During pregnancy you might just wear a nice, lacy one that fits and makes you feel good. Especially if you want to have some nice pictures taken of you with your big bump.


Now to the second-hand part of the shopping.

As maternity clothes are only worn a very short period (and most women don’t want to keep those oversized pieces after pregnancy) you can find quite good pieces second-hand. There are a few places you can look:


First, search on ebay!

Just search for “maternity size *your regular clothes size*” and you will get a list that you should narrow down to “used” and/or “auction” and then have a browse. If you like a certain style of clothes, just narrow your search down to your preferred brand or piece of clothing.

I must admit that I didn’t buy anything from ebay, even though I saw a few really nice pieces but unfortunately, nothing in a small size.


Facebook marketplace

The good thing about the facebook marketplace is that you get results in your area and you might be able to pick up the clothes directly instead of paying for postage.

Again, I did not buy any maternity clothing through facebook but I did get a bag of first born baby clothes for only £10. Very happy about that!

Your local charity shops

That is where I did get most of the items that hang in my wardrobe right now.

I am in the very lucky position of living less than 10 minutes away from a total of 18 charity shops. My habit is to visit them once a week and only shop for the “sale” items. My upper limit is £3 per item but most of the time I go for £1.50 or less. One of the shops even had a “3 items for 99p” sale on the last time I went.


What I am looking for at the shops is anything that pops out and is a size or two bigger than my regular size and not fitted. It really doesn’t have to say “maternity” on the label to be the right piece. Anything stretchy or wide, dresses that have a high waist line and flurry skirt but also long skirts in a bigger size that I can change easily to fit.


I did see a lot of dresses and tops that look very beautiful but because they were above my price limit, I did not get them. Not that I needed more anyway.


After hitting the 5 months mark – and a new maternity wardrobe of over 50 pieces – I started to only watch out for items that I could also use for nursing.

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How to build a maternity wardrobe on a budget

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Maternity Clothes Refashion


Lately, I was very busy building up a maternity wardrobe. Most items are second hand clothes from charity shops that I could wear as they are. I just use a few styling tricks to make them fit my ever so much changing body. Some clothes I had to refashion to look better fitted for my growing bump.


Because I realized how many pregnant women struggle to afford cute and fashionable maternity clothes, I decided to put all my experience into a blog.

The next few weeks/months I will show you:
– how to find items in your own wardrobe that are also suitable during pregnancy
– how to shop for great maternity items in charity shops/second hand shops
– how to style up simple clothes during pregnancy
– how to alter regular clothes to make them maternity fit
– what is suitable for maternity and nursing afterwards (for those who are breastfeeding)

I will also make some baby items like activity blanket, clothes etc.

Some of the maternity refashion projects just show how to alter clothes to your size if they are too small or too big. So I’m sure there will still be interesting alterations for those who are not pregnant.

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Mother’s Day – babybel® Rose Candle

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DIY Rose Candle – Upcycling project 
babybel before after

Does your child just LOVE babybel cheese just like mine does? I don’t really understand why as my little one has never even seen the advert for it. But wait a minute… I think to recall when it all started.

My little one loved all cheeses! Yes, even Blue Cheese. But then my mother-in-law put a spoke into my wheel by buying babybel cheese and offering it to my innocent 3-year-old daughter.

You might know the excitement about that little red cheese: It starts with wide eyes – you would think they have a Kinder Surprise in their hands but no, still just cheese… then there is fumbling with the red paper until there is an ear numbing shreek “Muuuuuummy, Muuuuuummy! I can’t open it!” So you take that little cheese, open the paper and start opening the wax bit when you are suddenly startled by another shreek “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“What is it, sweety? You want me to open the cheese, right?” “NOOO MUMMY, I want to open it.”

So you just give the cheese back and watch your little ones throw the wax pieces all around them onto the floor as they are trying to free that little white cheese. All good as long as you collect those pieces before anyone stamps them into the floor.

In the meantime we have tried even all the other babybel colours

  • purple looks nice, doesn’t quite taste the same
  • blue was a disappointment as only the wrapping is blue, the wax is still red and the cheese is much softer than the original

but the point is, my little one still sticks to the opinion that babybel cheese is HER cheese, all the other ones are for the BIG KIDS like mummy and daddy.


I was fine with it while she still ate other cheese but now with her demanding babybel only I wondered what I could do with all the extra rubbish resulting from the babybel cheese. I started collecting the wax cover and last night I made a rose candle out of some of the pieces. It was very easy to do and my little one claimed it now as her candle as the wax came from HER babybel cheese.

babybel candle done

I guess I will make more of those in the next months but I thought it would also be a nice idea to make for Mother’s Day as it is easy to do and the Dads can’t do much wrong here.

need step1

You need:

Tea candle

Glas for tea candle

Wax of 3 babybel

Press the wax together so you get semicircles, intertwine and curle them like in the picture. Just make sure there stays a little whole in the middle for wick. Use all 6 pieces and then put them in the glas above the tea candle. DONE.babybel step3

Light it with a matchstick, not a lighter to not melt the rose.



For more ideas on babybel cheese visit my pinterest:

pinterest babybel ideas tinapoelzl

I did find a lovely blog “Housing a Forest” that did some crafts with babybel wax as well:

Wax Boat

wax boat babybel
And those face carvings I found here.face carving babybel

More Ideas how to use cheese wax:
Reuse Cheese Wax

Wax sculptures

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All the Best, Tina

Light Bulb Angel

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Upcycling Project – What to do with old Halogen Light Bulbs

I was already thinking about writing a blog for a long time but I just decided that 2016 is the perfect year to start this project.

The main goal of this blog is to prevent trash/garbage. There are so many things that we just throw away because they don’t fulfill their purpose anymore. But that doesn’t mean that those things can’t be used in a different way and get back a meaning.

So… the other day we had to exchange 4 light bulbs at once – which we replaced by LED ones to save energy. I put them on our dining table and my 3-year-old daughter started to twirl them which looked pretty nice because of the facets of their body. That’s when I thought, they might make a nice christmas decoration that I can make with my daughter. upcycling light bulb

The next day we got a sheet of gold paper, googly eyes, golden christmas balls – which we would have needed anyway – and everything else we could find around the house. What you can’t see on the picture: scissors, hot glue gun and a sharpie.

bulb angel

As you can see we created bulb angels – there might be prettier angels but a 3-year-old doesn’t really mind.

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All the Best, Tina