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Mother’s Day – babybel® Rose Candle

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DIY Rose Candle – Upcycling project 
babybel before after

Does your child just LOVE babybel cheese just like mine does? I don’t really understand why as my little one has never even seen the advert for it. But wait a minute… I think to recall when it all started.

My little one loved all cheeses! Yes, even Blue Cheese. But then my mother-in-law put a spoke into my wheel by buying babybel cheese and offering it to my innocent 3-year-old daughter.

You might know the excitement about that little red cheese: It starts with wide eyes – you would think they have a Kinder Surprise in their hands but no, still just cheese… then there is fumbling with the red paper until there is an ear numbing shreek “Muuuuuummy, Muuuuuummy! I can’t open it!” So you take that little cheese, open the paper and start opening the wax bit when you are suddenly startled by another shreek “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“What is it, sweety? You want me to open the cheese, right?” “NOOO MUMMY, I want to open it.”

So you just give the cheese back and watch your little ones throw the wax pieces all around them onto the floor as they are trying to free that little white cheese. All good as long as you collect those pieces before anyone stamps them into the floor.

In the meantime we have tried even all the other babybel colours

  • purple looks nice, doesn’t quite taste the same
  • blue was a disappointment as only the wrapping is blue, the wax is still red and the cheese is much softer than the original

but the point is, my little one still sticks to the opinion that babybel cheese is HER cheese, all the other ones are for the BIG KIDS like mummy and daddy.


I was fine with it while she still ate other cheese but now with her demanding babybel only I wondered what I could do with all the extra rubbish resulting from the babybel cheese. I started collecting the wax cover and last night I made a rose candle out of some of the pieces. It was very easy to do and my little one claimed it now as her candle as the wax came from HER babybel cheese.

babybel candle done

I guess I will make more of those in the next months but I thought it would also be a nice idea to make for Mother’s Day as it is easy to do and the Dads can’t do much wrong here.

need step1

You need:

Tea candle

Glas for tea candle

Wax of 3 babybel

Press the wax together so you get semicircles, intertwine and curle them like in the picture. Just make sure there stays a little whole in the middle for wick. Use all 6 pieces and then put them in the glas above the tea candle. DONE.babybel step3

Light it with a matchstick, not a lighter to not melt the rose.



For more ideas on babybel cheese visit my pinterest:

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I did find a lovely blog “Housing a Forest” that did some crafts with babybel wax as well:

Wax Boat

wax boat babybel
And those face carvings I found here.face carving babybel

More Ideas how to use cheese wax:
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All the Best, Tina