Clutch Bag from Carpet

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Easy Upcycle Project

How to turn a carpet sample into an interesting handbag

In this case a Clutch

I was lucky enough to find someone giving away hundreds of carpet and vinyl floor samples. I right away jumped on the opportunity, giving away most of the samples to local schools and other places that organize children’s craft sessions like Forge Urban Revival in Oakengates, Telford.  I help out with the craft session sometimes and for a year I even cooked there once a week to help with their “soup social” which is every Tuesday 12:00-12:30pm.

As I said, I got all those samples which made me think about new ideas to use them. One idea we came up with was this!

All you need is

  • carpet sample 45-50cm x 22-30cm (17-20 inch x 8.5-12 inch)
  • yarn
  • strong sewing needle with a big hole (depending on used yarn)
  • button
  • 14cm (5.5inch) thin elastic band

The elastic band I didn’t have to buy, I just keep all those elastics that hold the tags on shoes or clothing. If you want to add some colour you can also use an elastic hair band.

My carpet sample had finished edges, so it can’t fray. If you use leftover carpet pieces or if the sample doesn’t have a finished edge, then I would recommend putting a wide bias tape all around it or doing a very tight zigzag stitch. However, you would need a sewing machine for this. You could also do a tight blanket stitch (as shown above).

I didn’t have to do any of this (lucky me!!), just bend the side without the hole (at about 2/5 of the length) (length 45cm/5= 9cm   I bent at 9cmx2= 18cm) and start sewing the side together with the blanket stitch.

Then bend the lid down (which should be 1/5 of the length – here 9cm), sew on the button underneath the lid. Make a knot into the elastic band and check if it’s not too long before you sew this one on. I used a regular black thread and small sewing needle for this. You can also sew the elastic on the outside with the coloured yarn if your sample doesn’t have a hole like mine.

My little daughter already snatched this bag from me but I don’t mind. Next time I try to find a piece a bit wider so I can use it as a tablet bag. Unfortunately, my iPad Mini is a bit to long for this bag. I also want to try to put straps on one of these bags, so I can hang it around my shoulders. But this will be a different blog post.

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All the Best, Tina