DIY maternity leggings

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English weather – DIY maternity leggings from tights

After a wonderful summer in Austria with very hot weather I’m back to English grounds and all my lovely summer dresses are not wearable here…

But wait a minute… I could use leggings.

Immediately, I took one of my older (hip) tights that I had darned already twice and which seemed to have another ladder at the toes.

First I cut the toe piece off to make them leggings and then I opened up the top front seam to make room for my belly. Just be careful to not cut too far down, better just do a bit, try it on and then cut more. I ended up sewing one toe piece into the tights again, as I cut too much the first time.

In the end I had very comfy leggings to wear under my dress. Perfect for the autumn weather. In the meantime I made some more in different colours.

For winter I will make some leggings that also keep my belly warm but that is another Re-Fashion.

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All the Best, Tina