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“We got our bracelet in the mail today and it is perfect!! I couldn’t be happier.”  Trista, USA

“Excellent service from seeking advice before ordering, to receiving the bracelet within 2 days. I would definitely recommend this seller.” Rachel, UK


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Engravings are made by hand what makes every piece of jewellery a unique gift to yourself and others.

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HCJ – HeartCharmer Jewellery is fun and personal in a very lovely way that lets you live your emotions.

Its unique and fanciful jewelry design will charm a smile into your heart. And what is more effective to spread love than a smile!

HCJ provides products of high quality stainless steel, colourful waxed cotton cord and a very unique way to personalize every piece. Every stainless steel pendant is hand engraved for you by me personally.

HCJ Kids bracelets are comfortable to wear and fit for years thanks to the sliding knot. The high quality waxed cotton cord doesn’t fade or absorb water and therefore can be worn all the time!

You might ask yourself ‘Why choose stainless steel when there is Silver Jewelry?’ But the better question is

Stainless steel has a hypo-allergenic finish and a non-reactive surface, what makes it the metal of choice for sensitive skin. But what does that mean? It means that hardly anyone is allergic to stainless steel whereas there is a high percentage of people who are allergic to silver and even gold. So, stainless steel jewelry is especially for people allergic to other metals.

And there are lots more reasons to choose stainless steel jewelry over silver: Its bright, silvery finish resists tarnishing and therefore does NOT have to be polished – ever!