How to build a maternity wardrobe on a budget

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Maternity Clothes Refashion


Lately, I was very busy building up a maternity wardrobe. Most items are second hand clothes from charity shops that I could wear as they are. I just use a few styling tricks to make them fit my ever so much changing body. Some clothes I had to refashion to look better fitted for my growing bump.


Because I realized how many pregnant women struggle to afford cute and fashionable maternity clothes, I decided to put all my experience into a blog.

The next few weeks/months I will show you:
– how to find items in your own wardrobe that are also suitable during pregnancy
– how to shop for great maternity items in charity shops/second hand shops
– how to style up simple clothes during pregnancy
– how to alter regular clothes to make them maternity fit
– what is suitable for maternity and nursing afterwards (for those who are breastfeeding)

I will also make some baby items like activity blanket, clothes etc.

Some of the maternity refashion projects just show how to alter clothes to your size if they are too small or too big. So I’m sure there will still be interesting alterations for those who are not pregnant.

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All the Best, Tina