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Fashion Accessories made of Up-cycled Neckties

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What to do with an old necktie?
Men like their neckties to be modern and fashionable. So what to do with the ties that are not in fashion anymore? Use them as a material to create something new. Men’s ties (neckties and bowties) are made of high quality fabrics, mostly silk and are therefore a great material to reuse. Unfortunately, most unwanted neckties do not get the chance of being reused. With tinapoelzl design they do!

I transform neckties into stunning tie necklaces, tie bracelets, bespoke necktie belts, necktie wrap belts, tie collars, tie scarves but also use the necktie fabric to cover bangles and make gorgeous jewellery sets with matching earrings and pendants.

Tell me your favourite colours or give me your precious neckties that hold personal memories or choose from my outstanding collection and have a piece designed just for you.

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So, what is upcycling then?
Upcycling is to reuse discarted materials or objects in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.
Okay, that’s the definition but what does Upcycling mean for all of us?
Upcycling offers us the opportunity to give unwanted things a second chance by repurposing and adding value because the finished product will most likely be more useful, practical and beautiful than the original (waste). You see, upcycling is a very good thing to do and has a lot of great side effects, like turning us into creative thinkers and reducing our (carbon) footprints.