Light Bulb Angel

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Upcycling Project – What to do with old Halogen Light Bulbs

I was already thinking about writing a blog for a long time but I just decided that 2016 is the perfect year to start this project.

The main goal of this blog is to prevent trash/garbage. There are so many things that we just throw away because they don’t fulfill their purpose anymore. But that doesn’t mean that those things can’t be used in a different way and get back a meaning.

So… the other day we had to exchange 4 light bulbs at once – which we replaced by LED ones to save energy. I put them on our dining table and my 3-year-old daughter started to twirl them which looked pretty nice because of the facets of their body. That’s when I thought, they might make a nice christmas decoration that I can make with my daughter. upcycling light bulb

The next day we got a sheet of gold paper, googly eyes, golden christmas balls – which we would have needed anyway – and everything else we could find around the house. What you can’t see on the picture: scissors, hot glue gun and a sharpie.

bulb angel

As you can see we created bulb angels – there might be prettier angels but a 3-year-old doesn’t really mind.

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All the Best, Tina