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Not just a Maternity refashion – How to make an oversized skirt fit your waist

I made and refashioned a few skirts to wear during pregnancy (and even afterwards). I love skirts as they are very comfortable and you can wear them with different tops and therefor changing your style. Today I start with one of my favourite skirts. It’s a flowing, light weight sheer fabric skirt that I found in a size 14 (my regular size is 8).

It has a zipper on the side, which made the whole project even easier. Make sure you get a long skirt that is at least 2 sizes bigger (without a zipper you need an even bigger size) than your pre-pregnancy size – otherwise this refashion does not work.

(First picture shows how I used safety pins to keep the skirt in place – also an alternative)


All I had to do with my skirt was to measure my “waist” (which meant the under-bust line) and then measure the waistband of the skirt.

Then calculate:


(Waist band skirt) – (waist) = (width difference)

90cm – 70cm = 20cm


waist/2 = front half of skirt

70cm/2= 35cm


(front half of skirt) – (width difference) = (length of elastic)


In my case I had to cut the elastic band in a length of 25cm (burn the ends with a lighter so it won’t fray) and stretch it out 45cm (from zipper to other side seam) while sewing it on to get the ruffles and the right width of the waistband to fit properly. In your case the numbers could be completely different but as long as you follow the calculations it should work fine.

As you can see in the pictures, I pinned the elastic band to the middle of the front waist band, then pinned the sides of the elastic to the sides of the front waist band. I secured the elastic band to the waist band with straight stitches. That way you can stretch it better.


I used the longest straight stitch I had to sew the stretched elastic band to the waist band of the skirt. First sew the top, secure the side on the other end and then sew  the bottom of the elastic/waistband. But again start from the zipper end.

I hope you have lots of fun next time you go second hand or charity shopping, now that you know you can buy that gorgeous skirt even if it is a few sizes too big.

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All the Best, Tina