Man Shirt with Necktie Refashion

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Lovely Blouse with big BOW from a man’s shirt and polkadot Necktie

Last Year I was part of the  first ever “Junk to Jewel” event in Oakengates and started working on a new Shirt Upcycle/Refashion there. I finished it a few days later at home and was wearing it right away. Even during my pregnancy I liked this top, as it gave my belly room to grow without showing it.
All you need for this top:

  • (white) man shirt,
  • necktie (in this case a wonderful “Belvedere Vienna” necktie)
  • thread
  • Sewing machine and scissors

The photos I took should be self-explanatory but I will try to put it into words as well 😉

  1. Cut sleeves off and open them up to make a bias tape out of them.
    Bias Tape or Binding is a strip of fabric cut at a 45 degree angle to the straight weave of a fabric. It is cut this way to give it stretchiness.

    (Find other post: What is a Bias Tape – How to make a bias tape)

  2. Cut off the collar in a straight line. Back part should be a bit higher up than front part.
  3. Sew the bias tape onto the sleeve hole (how to sew with bias tape)
  4. Front of Shirt: Measure your above your bust from armhole to armhole to see how wide the front has to be. Put the front into pleads so you get the measured width.
  5. Back of shirt: Make two straight seams (1 cm from edge and then 1 cm from first seamline)  with the longest stitch possible and top thread with no tension. Then take the bottom threads and pull. Width should be just a bit more than front.
When you have front and back part in the right widths, fold the edge over twice and sew with a straight stitch.

Then you have to prepare the bow – chose a necktie that goes well with the shirt. As I had a white shirt, the colour of the necktie didn’t really matter but if your chosen shirt is very colourful, it is better to pick a plain necktie to make the bow and neckline.

You cut off about 15cm from the thinner end of the necktie to wrap it around the bow (as shown in pictures) In my case the bow itself is about 26cm long and is situated above one shoulder.

The best is you make your bow, pin it onto the back and front part,  the loose part of the necktie pin to the front neckline and then try it on and see how much of the necktie you need for your other shoulder. Then pin the rest of the necktie to the back until you reach the bow again.

Handstitch the necktie to the shirt.

Even though the necktie is made of silk, I washed the blouse in the washing machine. I just put the top into a washing bag and hung it on a hanger to dry.

I hope you understand the single steps, if there are any questions, just message me.

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All the Best, Tina