Maternity dress from skirt

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Maternity dress from oversized skirt

That’s an easy refashion, although  depending on the material, the dress might only fits in the first and second trimester. As there is no extra fabric added for the growing bump, it depends on the elasticity of the fabric to fit further into pregnancy.

So what I got was a skirt about 2-3 sizes bigger than my regular size. The skirt itself should have some elasticity – this comes either from a stretchy fabric or if the skirt pieces were cut in the bias which makes every fabric at least a bit stretchy. The lighter dress in the picture was made with a skirt without any elasticity and a zipper on the side. Hence, I could only wear it the first few month.

For a very easy refashion, the waistband should have an elastic band, so you can easily pull it over your shoulders.

The dark skirt was perfect for this type of refashion in every point.

  • stretchy material & bias cut
  • elastic waistband
  • long enough to work as a dress

Now you only have to put the skirt up over your chest and see where your waist is so you can add two darts in the back and narrow the waist to have a better fit there. The darts should start at the shoulder blades (in this case on top just under the elastic)  and get wider until you hit your waistline, then they get smaller again to run out a bit above the hips. You can see this in the picture below where I put my back dress pattern on top of the skirt.

You wear the dress with a t-shirt underneath (to hide your bra straps) and a belt above your bump. That will give you a new waistline and therefore the perfect curves.

The pink belt I use is made from an old necktie and here is how I made this perfect maternity belt:

Blog post Upcycled Necktie Belt

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