Shopping guide for second hand maternity wear

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Where to go for inexpensive but still stylish clothes during pregnancy – and all on a budget

Shopping guide for Second Hand Maternity Wear

First you need to find out what you have in your wardrobe that fits even during pregnancy. Then there are a few things that you need to buy, no matter what. And in my opinion those things are better new than used. This includes at least one maternity bra and in my case some maternity tights. Tights are only necessary if you expect in the colder months of the year and prefer wearing dresses and skirts instead of trousers.

Another tip from my side, don’t buy a nursing bra too soon. Most women’s breasts keep growing during the pregnancy and the bra might not fit anymore by the time the milk arrives. I speak from experience here. By 24 weeks pregnant I had to buy a bra size 34DD while my pre-pregnancy size was 34C… No idea what size I will need by the time I start nursing. Therefore, my advice, buy a nursing bra just before you give birth and have a trained person help you choose the size. During pregnancy you might just wear a nice, lacy one that fits and makes you feel good. Especially if you want to have some nice pictures taken of you with your big bump.


Now to the second-hand part of the shopping.

As maternity clothes are only worn a very short period (and most women don’t want to keep those oversized pieces after pregnancy) you can find quite good pieces second-hand. There are a few places you can look:


First, search on ebay!

Just search for “maternity size *your regular clothes size*” and you will get a list that you should narrow down to “used” and/or “auction” and then have a browse. If you like a certain style of clothes, just narrow your search down to your preferred brand or piece of clothing.

I must admit that I didn’t buy anything from ebay, even though I saw a few really nice pieces but unfortunately, nothing in a small size.


Facebook marketplace

The good thing about the facebook marketplace is that you get results in your area and you might be able to pick up the clothes directly instead of paying for postage.

Again, I did not buy any maternity clothing through facebook but I did get a bag of first born baby clothes for only £10. Very happy about that!

Your local charity shops

That is where I did get most of the items that hang in my wardrobe right now.

I am in the very lucky position of living less than 10 minutes away from a total of 18 charity shops. My habit is to visit them once a week and only shop for the “sale” items. My upper limit is £3 per item but most of the time I go for £1.50 or less. One of the shops even had a “3 items for 99p” sale on the last time I went.


What I am looking for at the shops is anything that pops out and is a size or two bigger than my regular size and not fitted. It really doesn’t have to say “maternity” on the label to be the right piece. Anything stretchy or wide, dresses that have a high waist line and flurry skirt but also long skirts in a bigger size that I can change easily to fit.


I did see a lot of dresses and tops that look very beautiful but because they were above my price limit, I did not get them. Not that I needed more anyway.


After hitting the 5 months mark – and a new maternity wardrobe of over 50 pieces – I started to only watch out for items that I could also use for nursing.

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